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Over 500 banks and credit unions nationwide are using Banzai to gain unrivaled loyalty from over 30,000 educators and millions of students in their communties.

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Be the Hero in your Hometown

With Banzai, you will get plenty of recognition from teachers and students. But what about from the community? We employ a staff of PR professionals to do one thing: promote your story to the local press.

Dozens of newspapers and TV stations nationwide have highlighted Banzai's credit union and bank partners. We work directly with reporters in your area, and arrange opportunities for them to meet teachers and students who love Banzai.

Personal introduction

Meet them Face to Face

Banzai gets your foot in the door. When teachers sign up to Banzai, they have the chance to request an in-class presentation for their students from you. Wherever possible, we let you know what topics they're interested in – whether it's banking or budgeting – and how to get in touch. Not to worry – we'll make sure you're prepared.


We designed Banzai to foster serendipity — happy surprises and chance opportunities. By meeting teachers face to face you will make new, lasting relationships in the school system. We encourage you be creative as Banzai introduces you to local educators.

Hello Shannon,
we just received our Banzai Life Scenarios books and couldn't be happier or more appreciative. Last year we enjoyed the lessons so much that some of the students couldn't wait to do them again. Thank you Greylock Federal and Banzai for the opportunity to continue this valuable program in our school. Happy Holidays!
- Linda Lam

Real Note

From a Teacher in Dalton, MA

Dear EECU Sponsors,
I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much my students are enjoying and learning from the Banzai program. Without this program some of the questions, ideas, and vocabulary would not come up in a normal conversation of instructions. When students need to solve situations independently, it becomes more real for them. Thank you for sponsoring the Banzai program for our school.
Cathy Richter

Real Note

From a Teacher in Lansing, MI

I cannot thank Altra Federal Credit Union enough for their generous donation of Life Scenario books to my classroom. The students are enjoying all of the activities and it is giving them an outlook of possibilities for the future. This was a great way to keep my students very involved with technology and prepare them for the future. Thank you again!
Clarissa Glesmann

Real Note

From a Teacher in Tyler, TX

Community West Credit Union,

Thanks so much for providing the Banzai Banking material and opportunity for my students. With very limited resources for schools these days, quality curriculum, especially "free" quality curriculum is really hard to come by and business support of our schools is genuinely appreciated. Thanks again for your efforts in helping our kids become financially responsible young adults.

- Keith Hamming

Real Note

From a Teacher in Middleville, MI

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See For Yourself

Request a demo (or samples)


You will get complete exclusivity over Banzai in your schools, with no upfront charge. Teachers and students who use the program will be directed to your co-branded version of the Banzai website. Outreach will be customized for your bank or credit union.

Your area of exclusivity is flexible. You can customize it by school – private, elementary, middle or high – whichever schools fit your needs.


Yep, we do outreach for you. We've successfully signed up over 30,000 teachers in targeted credit union and bank markets. We specialize in promoting your financial literacy program, so you don't have to. So you can keep doing what you do best — growing your organization.

How does it work?

Now you can deliver targeted offers to students — straight from your Banzai website. Want them to apply for a checking account online? Banzai invites students to act on your offer online, right in the classroom or at home.

What is an Offer?

An offer can be anything from a cash reward in a new checking account, to a free company-branded t-shirt. Banzai's financial literacy software will present your offer and encourage them to act on it. Here are a few offer ideas:

  • Youth savings or checking account
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Bank or credit union apparel

More Testimonials

"Banzai has really helped us get our foot in the door."
"Banzai contacts schools on our behalf and lets us know when they are interested."
Vantage Credit Union
"Amazing program."
Kalsee Credit Union
"We have been pleased with... the amount of educators who have decided to order the program."
Extra Credit Union
"Banzai does the work for us, we reap the rewards."
Keesler Federal Credit Union
"It fits perfectly with our community development and outreach initiatives."
Electro Savings
"This program has given us a lot of exposure."
Michigan Community Credit Union
"The content is solid and it provides us with a quality product."

Case Studies

Financial institutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we understand that each has their own needs. That's why we regularly put together case studies to help give you ideas of all the different ways Banzai can help you connect with your community.

Or read the Case Studies Online.

Marketing Toolkit

As a Banzai partner, you will receive a customized marketing toolkit at no cost. The toolkit contains digital artwork that highlights and promotes your credit union's sponsorship of the Banzai program.

Student Certificate

This certificate can be presented to individual students as they complete the Banzai program. It may be exchanged for a new account bonus when the student and his/her parents visit your branch.

Web Banners

May be used on your homepage to draw attention to your customized Banzai website.

Personal Notecards

Perfect for correspondence with educators, students, parents, and other members of the community.

Trifold Brochure

Makes a good statement stuffer or in-branch handout.

Be The Hero

Across the U.S., teachers have an "unfunded mandate" to teach financial literacy. Lacking budgets, they're discovering it's impossible to obtain quality teaching resources. Sure, there are free resources on the internet. But manuals require intense teacher preparation, and they cannot promote change.

With Banzai, you are uniquely situated to help. Banzai's interactive software is engaging and personal. It actually helps them manage their own money. And for educators, Banzai aligns to your state's Standards Of Learning.

By partnering with Banzai, teachers will seek your participation. Be the hero.

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